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From annual to one off events, the Cathedral is at the centre of our community:


Long Service Ceritifcate

Gordon McIntosh was ordained to the eldership in Little Dunkeld Kirk in 1971, 50 years ago this year. This was during the time of Mr. Gillies’s ministry and prior to the union of the Cathedral and Little Dunkeld in 1974.

Over that time Gordon has given faithful service to the Kirk here in Dunkeld; service which was recognized and celebrated at the service in the Cathedral on September 5th.  As well as elders’ duties, always carried out thoughtfully and with good humour, Gordon was our ‘resident piper’ for many years playing at the Remembrance service in the Cathedral and at the ceremony at the War Memorial. The picture shows Gordon receiving a long service certificate (signed by the Moderator of the General Assembly, Jim Wallace) from Fraser Penny.

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Beadle’s Chair

In March 2019 we lost a much loved figure in the community with the death of Ian Sinclair. Ian had been stonemason for Historic Scotland at the Cathedral for many years and when he retired from that, there just happened to be a vacancy for the Beadle (Church Officer) at the Cathedral. Ian volunteered and was delighted to be able to keep an involvement with a building he knew and loved.

When he became ill and had to retire the congregation had a collection to show our appreciation of his work but sadly Ian was not able to use the money himself. His family decided they would like to donate it back to buy something for the Cathedral.

The obvious thing was to buy a chair for the Beadle to use during services. Stephen Hunter who, a few years ago, had made the beautiful oak chairs in the chancel, was asked if he would make another with slight variations which he readily agreed to do. So the Beadle’s chair was made with seat upholstered in Black Watch tartan, a carved Celtic design and a small plaque in memory of Ian.

The chair was ready before Covid struck but could not be properly gifted until now. At the service on August 29th. it was presented and dedicated in the presence of the congregation and several members of Ian’s family, seen gathered round the chair in the photograph below.

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